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The use of blood flow restriction in early stage rehab following ACL injury: Return to play

Recently I was involved in the writing of an article for the Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal. We were asked to provide an article on the use of Blood flow restriction training and its use in early stage rehabilitation following ACL injury and what this means for returning to play for athletes. If you would like to read it please click n the following link where the paper is available on open access: Click here

The article is part of a series discussing return to performance after ACL reconstruction. Heres a short summary on all the articles: Due to the catastrophic nature of ACL injuries, we are constantly trying to increase our understanding of factors associated with successful outcomes following injury and surgical reconstruction. Furthermore, we need to consider if previous rehabilitation strategies are optimal for preparing athletes to ‘return to performance’. This special edition focuses on novel approaches to promote learning/re-learning of skills, physical capacity development, exposure and re-integration of cognitive function by progressing from control to chaos, graded progression and gradual accumulation of both enough load (volume and intensity) and representative load (considering physical and cognitive sport demands), while integrating regular and precise monitoring of adaptation. The content provides some unique insights for assessing and reconditioning athletes as they aim to return to optimal performance.

To read the other articles click here

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