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Blood flow restriction training: can it help reduce pain?

Our recent research paper published in the Journal of Applied Physiology has looked at the effect of blood flow restriction training on exercise induced hypoalgesia and the potential mechanisms.

Watch the following video for a brief overview of what we found.

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Apr 19, 2021

Hello Dr. Patterson,

I am very interested in your study on BFR and its potential hypoalgesic effect. I find your research very fascinating and relevant to our future practice.😊

I am a physiotherapist in France and I use BFR in my practice. I would like to conduct a study on the effects of BFR AE on pain. This study is an initiation to research, I am new to the field but I am passionate about it.

I would like to perform a crossover study by putting my subjects in two conditions: Bike + BFR AE (80%LOP) and Bike + BFR AE Placébo. To simplify the realization of my scientific study my variable would be numeric rating scale…

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