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Media & podcast interviews

Mini online seminar I contributed to with Derek Hansen of In the video there is lots of great  content from many practitioners on how they are using BFR in the real world. Click here to watch. 

Podcast with Johnny Owens of OwensRecoveryScience. In this episode I discuss the use of BFR training and Ischemic Preconditioning. Click here to listen on iTunes or Soundcloud . Enjoy

In this podcast I talk with Rob Pacey of Pacey Performance Podcast. I discuss the use of BFR, how and when it should be used with athletes. We discuss everything from why use blood flow restriction training to placement of the cuff, which cuff provides what information and pressures to use. Click here to listen.

Podcast with David Nolan of Synapse Performance. In this podcast I discuss the use of BFR training and Ischemic Preconditioning for rehab and performance. Click here to listen


Interview with Ali Rendely discucssing BFR alongside  Johnny Owens and Dr Jeremy Loenneke . Click here to read 

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